About Timothy Evans, RIBA Chartered Architect

Welcome to the world of architecture, where innovation meets experience and design transforms spaces. I'm Timothy Evans, a RIBA Chartered Architect with a passion for crafting exceptional environments that tell stories and inspire.

A Journey:

My architectural journey has been marked by diverse experiences and a commitment to excellence. I had the privilege of serving as a director at APS Designs, where I oversaw a wide spectrum of projects spanning residential, commercial, and conservation domains. From the meticulous restoration of historic structures to the creation of modern commercial spaces, I've had the opportunity to shape architectural landscapes in various ways.

Mastering the Art of Detail:

My mantra in architecture revolves around a passion for detail. Every joint, every connection, on the micro scale is meticulously considered, because I firmly believe that these elements are the building blocks of enduring and functional design. It's this obsession with the finer points that lends itself to the big picture, ensuring that my designs not only look stunning but also work seamlessly.


A Focus on Sustainability:

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for me; it's a fundamental aspect of my architectural philosophy. In a world where environmental consciousness is paramount, I integrate sustainable practices into every facet of my work. My designs aren't just aesthetically pleasing; they're environmentally responsible, fostering architecture that's not only inviting but also sustainable for future generations.

The London Experience:

My journey also took me to the bustling heart of London, where I served as a project architect with a focus on high-rise mixed-use schemes. From residential havens in the sky to vibrant student accommodations and creative spaces, I had the privilege of shaping high-profile projects that contribute to London's dynamic urban landscape.


Crafting the Future:

I invite you to explore my portfolio, which represents a tapestry of experiences and a commitment to shaping functional and inviting architecture. Whether it's designing spaces that nurture creativity, restore historical gems, or create sustainable communities, I'm dedicated to crafting environments that foster happiness and inspire.

Thank you for visiting my corner of the architectural world. Let's embark on a journey to create spaces that not only tell stories but become a part of your unique narrative. Welcome to architecture with Timothy Evans, where every detail matters, and every space tells a story.

A passion for crafting exceptional environments that tell stories and inspire

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